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Dr Killer Network proudly presents the killer secrets you need to know. If you like murder stories, here you are.

Are you a  scary person? If the answer is “YES” then, help us to make others frighten. If the answer is “NO” then, be ready to be frightened.

The dictionary meaning of Killer is “someone who causes the death of a person or animal – Slayer”. Of course there are three more meanings of Killer like “a cause of death”, “a kind of big whale” and a difficulty that is hard to deal with but Dr Killer Network especially focusing on the slayer meaning of “KILLER”.

What are the synonyms of KILLER ?

Murderer is one of them. Murderer means ; One who illegally kills another person.  The word murder is related, in old English, to the French word mordre (bite) in reference to the heavy compensation one must pay for causing an unjust death.

In common law, Killer is described as the:



of another human being

with a state of mind known as “malice aforethought“.

There are types of killers. Serial killers, cannibal killers, mission oriented killers, organized ones, mass murderers and so many others. Each murder innocent people calmly. All those famous with murder stories… All the murder techniques, life stories of those cruel killers, their reasons to kill and the killer secrets are presented by Dr Killer.

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