Serial Killer Profile

A person, defined as a ‘serial killer’, must murder at least three people over a period of more than one month. Researchers try to draw a serial killer profile. According to the statistics, most of the serial killers are white males. If we take a look at the characteristics of a serial killer, we see that he murders his victims using similar methods and the serial killer victims generally have something common. For example Richard Speck murdered 8 young girls in nurse’s training.

Why do serial killers kill?
Some of the motives of serial killers listed by Lee in 1988 are hatred, passion, revenge, fear, domination, profit and desperation. The most known stereotype of all serial killers are involved sexually with the murdered. There are many serial killer movies about young women being raped, brutally tortured and murdered.

We watch many serial killer movies and get opinions about the serial killer profile but most of the serial killer facts are different than what movies tell us. According to Hollywood, a serial killer is mentally distorted, lonely man with high IQ. However, FBI says that, these are not the common serial killer profile. They usually have families and jobs and just like other normal men in society. One of the serial killers was an army pilot, another one was the father of 5 children.

In serial killer movies, he wants to get caught and plays intelligent games with FBI agents. But FBI states that in real life they don’t want to get caught. FBI finds out the common point of the serial killer victims and his methods of murder. Besides, the serial killer becomes more careless at his murders after awhile. This makes it easy to catch them.

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A serial killer profile in our minds, according to the movies we watch, may keep us from seeing the real evidences. Maybe there are some serial killers in the society that we don’t suspect as we expect them to be lonely intelligent men. Maybe the husband of your neighbor is a serial killer

Do you know anyone having the characteristics of a serial killer around you?


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