The Cannibal Nerd: The rise and fall of Tsutomu Miyazaki

While the name “cannibal nerd” may appear to be a term of endearment, it is assigned to an individual that became Japan’s most reviled cannibal serial killer. When the cannibal killer Tsutomu Miyazaki was hanged in June 2008, it brought closure and resolution to a most horrifying chapter in Japanese history. While niches of Japanese […]


Modern-day Dracula: The tale of Richard Chase

Though their actions may suggest otherwise, serial killers and cannibal killers often do not murder out of malice. The habits of serial killers are dictated more often out of pleasure they derive from the hunt than out of any animosity towards the prey. Understandably, that explanation is little comfort to those who have had loved […]


Vlad The Impaler

The most brutal killer in history:  Vlad The Impaler Vlad The Impaler is a legendary figure in history, famous for his torturing and punishment techniques. It is said that he had impailed more than 30,000 people and according to some historians he killed around 100,000 people. But more than how many people Vlad Dracula killed, […]